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Benjamin Britten - Britten: Peter Grimes (2 CD) - Classical Music MP3 Online
Benjamin Britten - Britten: Peter Grimes (2 CD)
Artist: Benjamin Britten
Album: Britten: Peter Grimes (2 CD)
Benjamin Britten Britten: Peter Grimes (2 CD)
Tracklist :
  • Prologue- Peter Grimes!
  • You Sailed Your Boat Round the Coast
  • Peter Grimes, I Here Advise You!
  • The Truth... the Pity... and the Truth
  • Interlude I- on the Beach (Dawn)
  • Act One, Scene 1- Oh! Hang at Open Doors the Net, the Cork
  • Hi! Give Us A Hand!
  • I Have to Go from Pub to Pub
  • Let Her Among You Without Fault Cast the First Stone
  • Look, the Storm Cone!
  • And Do You Prefer the Storm
  • What Harbour Shelters Peace
  • Interlude II- the Storm
  • Act One, Scene 2- Past Time to Close!
  • We Live and Let Live
  • Have You Heard- the Cliff is Down
  • Now the Great Bear and Pleiades
  • Old Joe Has Gone Fishing
  • The Bridge is Down, We Half Swam Over
  • Act Two, Interlude III- Sunday Morning by the Beach
  • Glitter of Waves and Glitter of Sunlight
  • Let this Be A Holiday
  • This Unrelenting Work
  • Fool to Let it Come to This!
  • What is it-
  • People!... No! I Will Speak!
  • We Planned that Their Lives Should Have A New Start
  • Swallow! Shall We Go and See Grimes in His Hut-
  • Now is Gossip Put on Trial
  • From the Gutter, Why Should We Trouble at Their Ribaldries-
  • Interlude IV (Passacaglia)
  • Act Two, Scene 2- Go There!
  • Now!... Now!...
  • Peter Grimes! Nobody Here-
  • Act Three, Interlude V- Evening
  • Act Three, Scene 1- Assign Your Prettiness to Me
  • Pah!... Ahoy!
  • Come Along, Doctor!
  • Embroidery in Childhood Was A Luxury of Idleness
  • Mister Swallow! Mister Swallow!
  • Who Holds Himself Apart, Lets His Pride Rise
  • Interlude VI- Fog
  • Act Three, Scene 2- Grimes! Grimes!
  • Peter, We've Come to Take You Home
  • To Those Who Pass the Borough

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